A Great Program

by Wendy
(Albany, NY, US)

I think this program is excellent. I've tried a few others, but I think this review is right on the money. And those negative reviews? What are they talking about? The interface looks great, it's an easy program to use. Is it hard? Yes! Thank you! I want it to be hard. Not hard to use, which this isn't, but hard to learn. If you want easy, try Rosetta Stone. They dumb it down for you. You can study for hours and hours without learning anything really useful, but you'll hit their milestones and feel great. Honestly, you can learn more useful information from 2 pages of a phrasebook than you can from RS. Tell Me More actually teaches you stuff you can use. And grammar (which RS doesn't) and culture (which RS doesn't). There is no comparison. But people just want their new language plugged into their head and not have to do any work. Whatever, I can rant forever. Tell Me More is a very good program. I love it and I'll be using it for a long time.

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by: Anonymous

Hi, Wendy. What language program did you use? I'm thinking of getting the Tell Me More Japanese language program.


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