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I love seeing my Google page rank and Alexa rankings improve, but the truth is, I don't care what those numbers are. I just care what they mean - that my site is growing and will be around for a long time to come. Visitors are the lifeblood of a website. If you'd like to help me, try one of the suggestions below. I would truly be grateful.

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Share some of your experience learning and using another language with other visitors to this site. Go to the Visitors Center and choose a category to contribute to, or a survey to fill out. If you write a review or contribute a story, be sure to inform your friends and family to leave comments on your contributions. That will add to the site even more!

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If you are a member of any kind of social bookmarking community (Myspace, Squidoo, Delicious, Furl, Digg etc), bookmark my home page (or your favorite page on the site), or place a link to Language Learning on your page. This is probably the easiest way to share my site with others. It is simplest for you (just click your social bookmark link below to add this site), you're not forcing it on anyone, and it's great for me because the search engines love social bookmarks. And, it's a highly viral way for my site to grow more popular!

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If you regularly visit other websites about language learning, read blogs or visit any site where other visitors may be interested in what this site has to offer, try placing a comment or blog post with a link to this site. It will help people to discover the site for themselves and will go a long way toward keeping the site growing. Search engines love comments in blogs and posts in forums. But! - only if it's appropriate and on topic. I don't want to spam the internet with my site!


Include my RSS feed in your home page, or RSS reader (just click the RSS button on the left). You will get updates to the site without having to visit. Believe me, I love visitors to the site, but I understand we can't visit every website we are interested in every day just to see whats new. It allows you and I to stay in contact easily and efficiently.

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I'm not asking you to mass-mail all of your friends. Only mention Language Learning to those who you think would be interested. Again, no spam please!

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If you own or manage a website, then you know all too well how important links, traffic and publicity are to growing a site.

Place a link to Language Learning home page, or any page on the site that you particularly like, especially if it is relevant to the content on your page or site. Link to my site only if it is appropriate or valuable for your visitors and if it fits your linking requirements and qualifications. Search engines love relevant links more than anything.

If the site you are linking from is about languages or is in some way relevant, I may link back to your site. If you'd like a link back, ask for it, but I only place a limited number of links on my site, so I can't guarantee it. I can guarantee an inclusion into my Language Resources Directory.

Review Language Learning on Your Site

If you'd like to go further than just placing a link on your site, consider writing a full review of Language Learning Use my Contact Page if you would like more information from me, or you would like me to answer some interview questions for your review.

Submit Your Blog or Website for Review

If you have a site or blog on language or learning languages, you can request a review of it. Use my Contact Form. Include a brief description of your site, why you started it, its history and purpose and its URL (of course).

I will give your site or blog a fair review. If I have criticisms, I will voice them. But don't worry, I know the difference between a blog and a slick commercial website with a huge budget. I have an appreciation for the work it takes to build and maintain a website or blog. I will link to your site in the review, so just remember, any publicity is good publicity!

My time is limited, so I may not get to it as quickly as you (or I) would like. I'll email you when it's done. If I don't think the site is appropriate for me to post a review on my site, I'll let you know.

How does this help my site? It's another way for me to help my visitors. If I can help them find one more resource that helps them achieve their language learning goals, then it's good for my site.

Writers and Authors

Contribute to this Site

If you would like to contribute unique content to this site, then I'm sure we can work something out. I'll post your contribution on its own webpage, with outbound links (to your site, or any other link relevant to the content), and a bio or authors resource.

Appropriate content only! If it's about language or learning languages, then it's a good candidate.

I prefer unique content, not an article that has been submitted to every article library on the internet, but I may make an exception.

To contribute an article, go to the Visitors Center on this site. Choose a category and submit your article. It there isn't a category for your article subject, don't worry. This form is just for submitting it to me. I will move it to an appropriate category or create a new one.

Include URLs for any links. I will improve the HTML formatting when I publish the article. Be sure to include your name and an email address in case I have any questions for you.

Submit Books or Articles for Review

If you have written a book or article on language or learning languages and you would like me to review it, use the Contact Form and send me the URL, download instructions, or request mailing instructions if you are going to send a hard copy.

I will give a fair and honest review, and link to any relevant websites or blogs that you need.

Write a Review of Language Learning

Write an in-depth review of Language Learning Use my Contact Page if you would like more information from me, or you would like me to answer some interview questions for your review.


Submit Language Courses, Books or Programs for Review

If you have written, published or are marketing a language program, course, book or textbook, I would be happy to give it a full-page review complete with any graphics or links that you need. Use the Contact Page and send me the URL, download instructions, or request mailing instructions if you are going to send a hard copy.


If you own or work for any website or business that sells language learning products or services, I will consider placing ads on this site. Use the Contact Page and send me all relevant information.

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"By studying the principles of symbolism we can learn not to be unconsciously influenced by language, and in this way can escape a host of erroneous notions."

- Bertrand Russell

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