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Here you can find my language learning product reviews, including free or commercially available language learning products, methods, software, books, movies, websites, audiomagazines and other resources. If you would like to see information on something not yet reviewed here, feel free to contact me.

Commercial Language Learning
Product Reviews

Tell Me More Review Review of the highly acclaimed award-winning language software by Auralog. Also read visitor reviews or write your own review!

Pimsleur Review My review of Pimsleurs all-audio language learning products published by Simon and Schuster, including Comprehensive, Instant Conversation, Compact and Quick and Simple. Also, read visitor reviews of Pimsleur products here.

Review of Pimsleur Swedish Compact My review of Pimsleur Swedish Compact 10-lesson all-audio course. Also shares many features of Pimsleur Compact courses for other languages.

Review of Living Language Basic Complete My review of Living Language Basic Complete book and audio set available for French, German, Italian and Spanish.

BYKI A review of the versatile flashcard program by Transparent Language.

101 Languages of the World CD-Rom A simple but extremely helpful CD-Rom by Transparent Language for the student of many languages.

Rosetta Stone Possibly the most popular and successful language learning software program. Also includes visitor reviews of Rosetta Stone and a place for you to add your own review of Rosetta Stone!

Book Reviews

Spoken Here by Mark Abley A review of Spoken Here - Travels Among Threatened Languages by writer and journalist Mark Abley.

Barry Farber's How To Learn Any Language My review of Barry Farber's book for language learners.

Graham Fuller's How to Learn a Foreign Language Graham Fuller's guidebook for beginning language learners.

Ultimate Language Secrets Owen Lee's ebook for aspiring language learners and hyper-polyglots.

Born on a Blue Day Review of this memoir by world-renowned autistic savant Daniel Tammet.

Idioms Delight A short review of a neat little book by Suzanne Brock on Romance language idioms.

Reviews of Videos

Destinos An excellent and free 52 episode video instructional program for learners of Spanish.

French In Action The outstanding 52 episode series for French learners designed by Pierre Capretz.

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Today’s technology has made the world much smaller and many people have become interested in learning foreign languages. Some want to learn for fun, many …

Mango Languages 
Mango Languages is a language learning product that is available mostly through libraries but is starting to be sold on It is a very easy to …

Just Listen N' Learn - Arabic 
I find the Just Listen N' Learn courses very pleasant and easy to use in general. They consist of a book and 3 cassettes or CDs. They are presented in …

"TeachMe!Language Learning": Caveat Emptor: Buyer ,Beware! 
I bought two copies of this new software series, based in Europe and advertised online, to improve my Albanian and Basque ( I am a retired UN interpreter … Language calendars 
For the last year I've been using a wall chart system in the form of a calendar to advance my Spanish. I've been studying Spanish on and off for years, …

PeanutButter - A New, Video-based Language Software 
I have read many reviews of Rosetta Stone that mostly discuss (if they like it) that it takes so long to be able to speak the language. There is a product … 
I recently stumbled across , a vocabulary flashcard website. Per the site's homepage, "Vocabfish offers vocabulary training exercise for …

Fluent Future 
A very good tool for learning a foreign language has proved for me to be Fluent Future - It is a language exchange website, …

International Coordinator 
Rosetta Stone company and Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America version): The Rosetta Stone as a company is very poorly managed and both sales and customer …

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