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 Learning German will give you easy access to all of central Europe. While English may be everywhere, German is the second language of choice for many people in central Europe, not to mention the native language of the most populous country in Western Europe. The German language is related to English, so in some ways English speakers have an advantage in learning German, but there are a number of sounds which are new to native English speakers, and the grammar and word order is a little complex and can take a little getting used to. Let's take a look at the best products available for German.

Internet/Free Easily the single best online source for anyone learning German is About.com. It has lessons from the very beginning, right on through to intermediate and advanced. Grammar, verb conjugations and how to use them, pronunciation guides with audio examples, idioms, cultural material and load of links to other sources. There are even weekly e-mail lessons. About.com employs guides, professional teachers, who provide qualified oversight of the material for each topic. It's like having your very own German tutor. This is a fantastic resource that can supplement your chosen method, or if you can't spend any money, with a little extra hard work this site can provide most of your learning needs. I think it is better than many methods that you will find for sale in stores for learning German.

Internet/Free Another great resource for learning German is German-Grammar.de This is a free website with grammar, vocabulary, dialogues and lots of audio.

Internet/Free Transparent Language offers a free vocabulary trainer to get started learning German. Get your Free BYKI™ Lite download by Transparent Language

Book/Audio Combo
The Living Language series, published by Random House, brings to life a well thought-out program in a compact package, by using a 'building block' approach. The Basic Complete set includes a 40 lesson coursebook, which doubles as a phrasebook because it has lots of variations of the most common or useful phrases, a dictionary with plenty of idioms and expressions, and 3 audio cd's. It's a package with great value.

Book/Audio Combo
The Living Language Ultimate German set is a notch up from the Basic Complete set. It includes a 400+ page coursebook and 4 cd's that are coordinated with the book. An additional 4 cd's to work with away from the book makes a nice overall package for learning German for a reasonable price. There is also an advanced level to continue to study German when you have mastered this course.

Audio Only
Pimsleur German Comprehensive

Pimsleur is the king of all-audio programs. The all-conversation approach works well for German which has a few sounds relatively difficult for a native English speaker. The only drawback to Pimsleur is that there is only a little bit of reading practice. There is a reading booklet and cd in each level, but I think some kind of supplemental reading material is needed. I'd still choose Pimsleur Comprehensive over all other methods, it's simply the best. Read my review of Pimsleur and visitor reviews of Pimsleur.

Auralogs Tell Me More German is the best language learning program available. There is so much content here - dialogues with native speaker audio, games and activities, video, a weekly online news lesson, culture and more. Where Tell Me More really beats all the competition is in the content for intermediate and advanced learners. You just won't find another program with as much content. It was already a great program, but it has recently been updated. Read my complete review of Tell Me More for more details. I recommend that you go to their website and view their demo.

TELL ME MORE German Language Learning Programs PC and Mac compatible, software and online language learning.

Resources for Learning German Here is a short list of links and resources you can use to supplement and advance your study of German. Also, for penpals, language learning forums, chats and other helpful resources, go to the General Resources page.

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The German language "speaks Being," while all the others
merely "speak of Being."

- Martin Heidegger

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