General Language Resources
and Links

Here is a list of general language resources and links. Some contain resources for just a few languages, others contain links or resources for many, including some very unusual ones. Resources specific to one language can be found on the individual language pages. Use these resources and links to advance your knowledge in your target language, learn more about studying languages in general or even to look toward yet another new language!

Language Learning Guides

How To Learn Any Language This is a great site for picking up free tips for learning languages. Also, checkout the best forum on the internet for language learners.

Language Learning Dedicated to helping people learn languages more quickly and effectively, with a frequent stress on "non-conventional" methods, though without underestimating the value of more traditional approaches. Lots of free advice for the beginner, but also for those who have reached an advanced level in their new language.

Language Communities, Penpals, Chats,
Voice Chats and Language Exchanges

My Language Exchange This great site helps you to find penpals, text chat and voice chat partners for a language exchange. Lesson plans, online word games and forums all help you learn your new language with other learners and native speakers.

Lingq Excellent community of motivated language learners. One of the best overall resources for language learners on the internet. Lingq is available for free and has a variety of upgrade options.

More sites for language communities, chats, penpals and language exchanges!

Media - Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Video Lots of links to newspapers, internet radio stations, cultural resources and general language resources for French, Spanish, Italian and German.

Annenberg/CPB The Annenberg/CPB Foundation is a non-profit educational foundation that makes available some language programs in video-on-demand format for free. Simply register your e-mail with them (you will receive a monthly e-mail newsletter) and you have access to a small library of video productions (you must have a broadband internet connection, however). The outstanding 52 episode French In Action, as well as Destinos for those learning Spanish and Fokus Deutsch for learners of German are all available to see for free. They are also available for sale on Video or DVD, along with productions on Japanese and Chinese. Read my review of Destinos and French in Action. This is one of the great language learning resources that actually uses the power of the internet to help educate people.

MIT Library MIT Media Library, with lots of links to online newspapers and magazines in Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian.

Also, check out MITs OpenCourseWare. They provide their courses in a downloadable form for free! Look for Foreign Languages and Literatures. There are a number of courses for several languages, and lots of courses on Linguistics as well. It takes a lot of work and discipline on your part, but could add a lot to your overall learning campaign.

More sites with language learning media files

General Resources - Tutorials, History,
Articles on Language Learning A Language Learning Resource Community with the internet's largest database of common words and phrases translated into over 90 different languages. A very interesting site, with writing systems, history and other language resources. For starters, go straight to the Language Learning section for some great insights. One of the great resources on the internet for anything. Just type the language of your choice into the search box, and see what pops up. Some languages, like French, German or Japanese, have great sections devoted to learning these languages. Others may not have as comprehensive a section, but almost all searches will reveal lots of resources, cultural information, history and other general language resources. It can't hurt to take a look. Lots of articles on language learning in general. Language Tutors is an effort to connect learners and tutors of languages around the world. Tutors and learners of 100 world languages meet here to work together. You could be speaking a second language faster than you think! We provide a free matching service for tutors and learners of languages. A great site if you're interested in Romance languages, how they evolved from Latin and their differences and similarities.

LanguagesMadeClear Lots of free courses, grammars, articles and other language resources for a wide variety of languages. Links to online courses and commercial language learning products. This site will help you set goals and manage a language learning lesson plan for yourself. An online dictionary of linguistic terms. If you really want to know what a Dative Case or an Imperative Mood is, look it up here.

TEFL Resources and articles for teachers of English as a foreign language. Also includes general language and learning resources. A site promoting knowledge and understanding of the worlds endangered languages, and if you didn't know, there are thousands of them! Free grammar tutorials and vocabulary (with audio) for French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

BBC Languages Outstanding resource with lots of tutorials, text, audio, video, interviews and audio magazines for French, Spanish, Italian, Welsh and lots of other languages. Excellent site with free text files with accompanying audio for beginning, intermediate and advanced students in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Greek.

Travel and Transitions Travel and Transitions deals with travel to foreign countries and is chock full of advice, tips, real life travel experiences, interviews with travellers and travel experts, insights and reflections, cross-cultural issues, contests and many other features. Life is a Journey – Explore New Horizons.

Translation Services USA If you are looking for a professional translation company, then you are in the right place. We will offer you full-range of translation services for all your localization needs in over 100 languages: document translation, website globalization, software localization and more!

Language Schools

First Step World FirstStep offers certified language immersion programs around the world. Language schools where you can Learn Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese or Greek in more than 65 travel destinations worldwide.

Worlds Best Language Schools Worlds Best Language Schools wants to find you the best language schools abroad. These are language schools that provide a first rate language program, and also provide something else that is special & unique.

GEOS Oceania English Language colleges GEOS Oceania English Language Colleges offer English courses in modern facilities in the Oceania region - Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa

More Language Schools

Language Resource Directories Just about the largest assortment of links to language related sites and language resources there is.

Searchlanguage - Language Resources Directory A directory with extensive listings of courses, online resources and chats.

Language Resources Directory My ever-growing list of language-related resources.

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