Language Learners Give Back!

We can look at that headline 'Language Learners Give Back!' in one of two ways - as a statement or as a command. I mean it as both. It's a statement that language learners are giving something back to the community by helping other language learners. It's also a challenge to you to do exactly that.

If you can't give money, then try giving some time - contribute some of your experience learning and using languages to this site. Write a review, share an experience in a foreign country, fill out a quick survey or share a language learning tip.

But, if you are able, I am challenging you to give back a small amount of money in order to help young language students. You can choose which project you would like to contribute to, how much you would like to contribute, and you can monitor the results of your contribution.

How you can give back to help
young language learners

Language Learning is partnering with in order to raise money for language educators and their students in public schools. allows public school teachers to put forward proposals for specific projects they have in mind for their students for which they don't have the funds from the school system or community. They have arranged a system which lets you and me participate and fund those projects directly.

Why I chose

Two words - measurable success. We can see the small, individual projects being funded and have a direct connection with the recipients. We can see the results of our giving.

This is a far cry from faceless, multi-million dollar organizations that seem to cater only to the wealthy. It's hard to feel that our help is actually doing any good unless you're writing a check for $1000 or more. With Donorschoose, even $1 is measurable. Small donations have a real and tangible impact. Try to find that with other charitable organizations.

We can choose which projects we fund. That was also a big factor. I wanted the site to be involved specifically in helping others learn languages. Most charities are non-specific or have programs that are just too big for us to make a real difference.

Donorschoose allows our contributions of any size to be meaningful and substantial, helping young students discover the joys of learning languages.

So here is my Language Learning Challenge!

I'd like every visitor to this site to contribute something to the projects listed in my challenge. $20, $5 or even $1. I will use the proceeds from advertising revenue on this site to match 10% of every dollar contributed by visitors. I have initially set our goal at $1000. When we reach that, I will set a new (and higher!) goal, and we will fund a whole new set of projects!

Help Public School Kids by Funding my Challenge at DonorsChoose

Here are some of the responses from projects that we have helped to completely fund :

Dear Mr. Tichenor,

Muchisimas Gracias! Thank you so much for your donation of classroom Spanish-English dictionaries. My students will be using them as they finish class projects that require them to look up their own vocabulary. They have been without them for a long time, I really appreciate the donation. Thank you again.

~ Melissa Fleming, Teacher

Dear Mr. Tichenor,

My students and I are so excited about the DVD camcorder and DVDs that DonorsChoose will be sending us because of your generous gift! Soon students will be performing their final projects; each student will present a song in sign language and now, thanks to your gift, they can have a video copy of their presentation to keep and share with their family and friends. We will also use the camcorder this year to make a video review for students to study for their upcoming finals. Most of these same students plan to take American Sign Language II next year and are looking forward to having the camera available for their use all year. We really appreciate your kind donation - without you none of this would be possible! Thank you again for your generosity.

Sincerely, Denise Howell, Deaf Education Teacher; American Sign Language Instructor

"There is in every child a painstaking teacher, so skilful that he obtains identical results in all children in all parts of the world. The only language men ever speak perfectly is the one they learn in babyhood, when no one can teach them anything!"

- Maria Montessori

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