A New Resource For Learning Scottish Gaelic

I get a surprising number of visitors looking to learn Scottish Gaelic. Unfortunately, there are really not a lot of resources to learn Gaelic. The problem is finding something to learn from once you get past the very basics.

Finding learning materials for the intermediate and advanced language learner is a common problem. There are tons of resources for beginners in literally hundreds of languages, but try getting past a few basic phrases, a pronunciation guide and the alphabet, and the number of languages with good resources drops precipitously. Scottish Gaelic is no exception.

Now, we can add another one to the short list. LearnGaelic.net is a new site for learning Scottish Gaelic. This site provides lots of resources and links for learners of all levels, including beginners, intermediate and advanced, those who are already fluent who may need a refresher, and even for kids. There are extensive video clips from a television series for learning Gaelic called Speaking Our Language.

I wish there were more resources like this for learning other less commonly studied languages. I've updated the links on the Gaelic page, including this new site and weeding out a few that have gone sour. If you are learning Gaelic, check out this site. You'll find stuff you can use.

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