A Problem With Portuguese

Well this is how it went…

One morning I was chatting with one friend, he is American and of course speaks English. In the other way I am Portuguese and speak Portuguese. I didn't went to meet him because on that day I got sick. He called me asking me why I didn't went to see him, which I said that I was with a constipation.

He said, "Why are you telling me this?"

And I said, "well that's one of the reasons I didn't went to see you."

"Well I don't know what to say … is it that big?", he said.

So I asked him, "Big? What is?"

And he said, "well you know … every time you go to the toilet … "

"No. I don't know… what the heck you're talking about" I said.

He said, "well, you said you're with a constipation. That means that you can't poop."

I said, "Mannnnn … no, no. It isn't that. I can poop very well," lol.

He said, "So?"

And I said I had a bad cold.

After that he said, "ohhh. You're with a flu."


"Yes a flu, not constipation. Where the heck you went to get that word anyway?"

I said, "Well, in Portuguese is constipação." So I just had it a little accent and thought it would go through but, I guess it didn't!!

We both laugh about that situation. lolol

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