A Review of Spanish

My review of Spanish. Spanish is a "romance language". Spanish is easy to learn to read because all the letters sound the same no matter what else is in the word. An "A" always sounds like an "A". In English the "A" sometimes sounds like "Ahhh" or sometimes like "A", in Spanish it always sounds like "ah". I like Spanish in music but sometimes it is hard to understand if they are speaking fast. I do not like Spanish in films unless it is subtitled in English. Many English words are from Spanish, so when reading and translating in Spanish you can pick up the meaning of the word even if you did not know it's translation. I lived in South West Florida for 32 years and learned Spanish due to the numerous Spanish speaking people there. I also had 3 years of Spanish in High School. Spanish that you would learn in High School or College is different than the Spanish that is spoken in most places. Spanish learned in school is usually Castillian Spanish. Castillian Spanish is the Spanish from Spain. Every region that speaks Spanish has their own dialect. If you learn one, you can usually understand most of the others.

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