An Easy and Fun way to learn Spanish

I'm currently halfway through level 1 Spanish, and I'm happy with the experience so far. The interface is intuitive and you end up learning the language by going through a series of activities that feel more like a game than a classroom.

I'm surprised that I find myself understanding some Spanish in writing and on the radio already, even though I'm still on level 1.

I'm genuinely surprised to see the volume of negative reviews posted. I agree it was expensive, but I've found it to be worth the price. I also agree that you are not likely to become fluent talking to a computer, but I am confident I'll have a good foundation in Spanish, which I can then expand through conversing with others.

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Doesn't work unless you do
by: Anonymous

I agree with your evaluation of the program. I think some people don't want to put forth the effort or thought that it would be effortless. The program doesn't work unless you do. To many are worried about the graphics and the pictures and such. They want to be entertained I guess. I studying Korean which is a very difficult language, in my opinion, and I'm pleased with and amazed at my progress.

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