Answers to the criticisms of Rosetta Stone

by Marcus

Let me start by saying that Rosetta Stone is a good product and will teach those who really want to learn a new language, Although it does NOT work miracles you have to put forth a considerable amount of effort and dedication in order to get the most out of the product. Most people think that it is expensive and it is at a price of $500 but in comparison to other methods of learning (16 hours worth of Spanish courses and books at UT cost me close to $4000*) and sure there are other Spanish programs out there for a fraction of the cost but you get what you pay for. Another common complaint is that you can “cheat” by using process of elimination or guessing for example “One aspect of the software that I noticed was that even if you had no idea what a correct choice was, you could often choose the correct one by guessing, taking a visual clue from the picture or the process of elimination.” And “In a similar way, I found it was easy to pick up visual clues from not just the picture, but from the text. This may be a good thing at times, but it is much easier to pick up visual clues from languages with Roman alphabets, like Spanish, Italian, German etc. But the same is not true for others, like Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian etc. This might make the software seem more effective for some languages, when in fact it is just easier to cheat.” These are NOT valid claims because as I said earlier you must have a STRONG DRIVE to

learn a language in order to be successful at it (I can teach you how to use a TI-86 calculator to solve pretty much any calculus problem but what happens when the test comes around and you are not permitted to use a calculator??) There is no reason to cheat at Rosetta Stone because you get no tangible reward, no college credit, and you don’t get a job offer after completing it. The amount you commitment and discipline you put into it determines what you get out of it. The last point that I feel like debating is another quote “One thing that I personally don't like about Rosetta Stone is that there is little to actually use early on. You are getting a good foundation in the language, but you can't go out and use it. There isn't any conversation until level 2, but then in the new Level 3 it gets really good.” All I can say to that quote is WOW!! Sounds like this person wants to learn quantum physics before ever taking a math course or maybe they expected to become a neurosurgeon before opening a bio book. Sorry to bring you down off your cloud in the sky but you must learn the very basics that will most likely become very boring, repetitive and useless in everyday situations but you have to learn to crawl before you can walk. IMO the software is a good buy for someone who wants to learn a second language but it takes TIME, DISIPLIN & COMMITMENT to master any concept. Don’t Cheat, Don’t Ignore the basics and Don’t give up and YOU WILL SUCCEED..

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I bought the program, I didn't marry Rosetta
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your reasonable reply to the critics. I am learning Spanish with RS and find it easy, fun, enjoyable, and not all inclusive. Using this program does not preclude exploring other avenues of learning. I also have a Spanish/English dictionary, an electronic translator, a book of children's story in English and Spanish, I frequent online Spanish newspapers and websites, rent movies with Spanish dialect or turn on the spanish subtitles, and frequent Mexican restaurants where I find the staff are delighted to let me practice on them.

I did purchase the Rosetta Stone program, and do not find it expensive compared to the price of education in general. But I did not take a vow of RS celibacy. I am free to date other language learning outlets, even as I pursue a meaningful relationship with Miss RS.

by: Anonymous

DISIPLIN? hahahaha
Thx for the review

by: Theresa

Before you judge a language program, please make sure you can write your own language correctly.

I still do not agree
by: Geert Anthonis

You say you must crawl before you can walk. That is absolute BS. My 8 month old son can already walk with support but simply refuses to crawl. Everyone is different and Rosetta Stone is really a boring program, that probably fits only a few peoples learning style. Who wants to talk about dishware or windows, while more important vocabulary could just as easily be incorporated.

by: Jim L

You paid $4000 for 16 hours of Spanish lessons? Come on dude, that was a typo right? Drop in to your local HS, community college or Adult Ed Ctr and learn it for free. You can learn Mandarin taking private lessons for $10 to $20 an hour.

rosetta stone is good if you actually try to learn whats being taught
by: Anonymous

ok i have to agree with the reviewer. im currently learning japanese as my second language (my first is english). and this is by far the best program i have seen and used (using really). i have taking lessons in japanese at a community college, i have dictionaries, and self learning books (about 6 of them, one is used by the military but its one from the 1980's) and one other computer program. rosetta stone is by far the best one i have used.

i am learning to read kanji (i believe i know around 50-100 now) and know most hiragana, so far im strugling on katakana but its more of my fault then the programs. but so far i learned sentence structure and that helps greatly in learning grammar with out actually learning grammar. learning grammar in english classes was the hardest thing to wrap my head around. and looking at japanese from that point of view was even more daunting.

if you don't give it a chance and not actual learn the material then yes it does feel like guessing and trial and error. but once you start to actually learn it, its no more trial and error. its either you are right or you genually missunderstood.

how do you learn new words in english with out the aid of a dictionary? you read the words you do know and from the context of the sentence you can figure out the meaning of the word you don't know. samething here. first you know nothing and you build on that. once the later lessons of level 1 unit 1 come in you are now figuring it out without trial and error.

its not a miracle worker. this is just another style of learning. if it doesn't work for you then find something else that will. like i said school didn't work, books didn't work, dictionaries didn't work, but rosetta stone is for me.

try to actually learn what the material is trying to teach you. while yes its a flaw that there is not any english or your native language, thats also a pro. i online dictionaries, i use online translating programs when im comepletely stumped at times but if i was just using those other tools without rosetta stone i would ultimitly be faced with a language that i didn't have any hope on how to read or type (your not writing not by anymeans) japanese correctly or understand sentence structure.

Hate It
by: Anonymous

I have been using Rosetta Stone for a few months and I must say, it's a waste of money and time. I am studying the Japanese Level 1 course and I can't stand it. I bought the game "My Japanese Coach" for the Nintendo DS and have learned more from that for $20. The immersion process doesn't work with everyone and I am one of those people that it doesn't work well with. I'm irritated that they don't mention one thing about proper grammar. I hope no one uses the program and goes to Japan, for I fear for a bad response. In the DS game, I have learned small facts about Japan and their culture AND proper grammar. I have to finish RS as a requirement for graduation, I wish I would have looked more into it before requesting it. I appreciate the effort of RS, but I don't think enough is there to help me and I regret it very deeply.

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