Arabic Language Resources and Links

Here is a list of links to arabic language resources for learning the Arabic language or learning about Arabic culture. Some of these sites contain so many links and resources that you will certainly not find everything that interests you in one sitting. Be sure to bookmark this page and any others you may find in your explorations that you find particularly interesting. If you have a problem with a link, or if you find something that you think warrants primary attention from this page, please contact me and I'll get on it as soon as possible.

Free Online Arabic Reading Lessons Offers a free course to learn to read arabic and begin to learn the arabic language.

Arabic Language Resources at Links for learning to read and write arabic, and links for sound and audio files. Also includes load of general language learning resources.

Alphadictionary A list of arabic grammars and some unusual dictionaries.

Links to Arabic Resources List of links to arabic language resources - news, radio, language tutorials.

Lingo24 offers a free Arabic to English translation service and Arabic language paraphrasing tool, using machine translation technology.

Don't forget to visit the General Language Resources Page where you will find lots of links to sites with many resources for many languages, including Arabic, and also for finding language penpals, language learning software etc.

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"Language shapes the way we think,
and determines what we can think about."

- Benjamin Lee Whorf

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