Be aware if you need to access from more than one computer.

The family is going to spend a month in S. America and we agreed it would be helpful for us all to learn the language. Rosetta Stone was installed on the home computer & everyone has their own level. The problem is that I travel 1-2 weeks a month but can't use Rosetta Stone on my laptop because you can only use on one computer at a time. In order for me to load on my laptop, I'd have to deactivate my home computer & no one else would have access to Rosetta Stone. I'd have to spend another hundreds of dollars to be able to work on both computer.

Also, Customer Service hours are M-Fr 9am-8pm EST. Not exactly condusive to West Coast.

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Licencing on multiple computers
by: Mr Kite


I read your comments about licensing as I was concerned about that too prior to purchase. I intended to use it 'upstairs' and I wanted it installed on my daughter's PC downstairs. I queried and got the following response from Rosetta Stone Support indicating that the software can be installed on 2 computers at a time. I hope that this is of use to you.


#Request ID# [ 24034]

Dear Mr. Kite,

Thank you for contacting Rosetta Stone Customer Services.

Our Personal Edition software can be installed and activated on up to 2 different

However, the software does have the concept of multiple users, to track
individuals' progress: on each computer, you can set up to 5 different users.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to receive more information about Rosetta Stone or if
you have questions about your order, call us toll-free at +44 (0) 800 310 1829
(Mon-Fri 9am-6pm CET) or email us your phone number and the time that you are
available and we will call you back. (Please have your order number ready)

With kind regards,

Rosetta Stone Customer Service,



Side note:

Regarding others' comments about the product, I have found that even in the low level that I have got to so far it has extended my vocabulary a little but I do think that it will improve my existing 'restaurant' Spanish considerably.

It can seem repetitive at times but surely that's a good thing? When I have caught myself thinking, "Why do I need to click on the red ball?", I try to remember that before I started using the software I didn't know what a ball was.... perhaps it should be seen as reassurance that you have learned something from the software?

I've yet to try what I have learned so far and looking at my holiday allowance and bank statements it's going to be next May when I get to try, but I am optimistic. One additional thing I'll be doing is reading the BBC news Spanish website in addition to using the software to assist me in learning how to put phrases together.

Mr Kite

Horrible Customer Service
by: Anonymous

So the software seems to work great no complaints there. Beware though if you have it installed and your system crashes you will spend at least two weeks trying to get it back on your system. You will have to provide a copy of your receipt. This being despite the fact that you have all the disks, the box, and registered it in your name. If you are like me and received it as a gift, you are going to have to call up the gift giver and have them send you a PDF of the credit card and then send it to Rosetta Stone. Then wait for them to deactivate the software, then you need to call back so they can reactivate it.

The worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Period. I suggest you make a ghost of the software once you have installed it and then you can reinstall it if you have a hard drive crash.

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