Chinese Language Resources and Links

Here is a list of Chinese language resources and links to help you learn and practice Chinese. Some of these sites contain so many links and resources that you will certainly not find everything that interests you in one sitting. Be sure to bookmark this page and any others you may find in your explorations that you find particularly interesting. If you have a problem with a link, or if you find something that you think warrants primary attention from this page, please contact me and I'll include it as soon as possible.

Sinologic Chinese Language Resources General resources, culture, information on movies and music in Chinese, common idioms spoken in China and Taiwan.

Free Online Chinese Course Min Multimedia offer a free online Chinese course, complete with audio files.

ELEaston Links to online exercises and quizzes, and lots of cultural info.

Mandarin Tools Free programs and computer utilities to assist the language learner with the Chinese language.

Here are a few podcasts to help you learn Chinese :

Also, look for penpals, chats and forums, and other helpful links to help you learn and practice Chinese on the General Language Resources page.

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