Definitely overrated and therefore overpriced...

by Ted W

I do not know how it can be called anything other than rote mechanical word association. To be called learning, or teaching would require that it provide some insight as to the point of the lesson, example:

Early in the first unit you are to learn negation (the boy is not sleeping) at this point you are familar with some of words used in the example but not all and are given NO clue to the point of the association, so even if you do get it right you are clueless as to what you just learned.

Similar scenario when learning how to ask a question, but are given no indication that you are learning related subject matter.

As my background includes both teaching and software engineering I can say with great certainty that the content and lesson, while only scoring a 3 out of 5 at best, is the BEST part of Rosetta stone. I don't think you could try to write less intuitive software.

So between the frustration caused by the poor design, and that caused by getting answers wrong as you have no idea the intent of the lesson it creates a less than productive learning environment.

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