by Ano

This message is only intended to share my personal experience with Pimsleur Approach. I bought the Pimsluer language learning product. I only want to try the starter kit of $9.95. Be careful with the box that is already checked at the bottom of your order page. They will send you a free trial program for the cost of $236 (over 4 payments) ! They can charge you because they have your credit card number. When I called the company in order to cancel the trial program and to return the product, I was instructed to wait for the return shipping label. This company tried to contact me a month later because the credit card I used to purchase pimsleur was declined. I was told again to wait for the return shipping label. Finally another month passed by, I received a email stating that my account has been sent to collection. I called and explained to the customer service line and that I have the package unopened, I am just waiting for the shipping label. They said the shipping label was emailed to me regardless of whether or not I have received the email. They refuse to take back the product eventhough it is unopened.

I would understand if the company wants to charge money for the use of the CDs over the period that the product is still in my hand. They may want to make some money out of their "free trial" product. However, in this case, the product is unopened. (I did not want to open it because the starter kit does not show any sign that I can learn language from this learning program) There is no way I can learn or make use of their product over the course of waiting for the return shipping label. The customer service keeps draging on waiting time. At the end, they don't even want their product back even though it is unopen!

This seems to be a way to make money? The company does not want the product back. The company just want to collect money? So how much does the product worth?

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Beware Shoddy Pimsleur Merchants
by: Ron

You are definitely not the only one to have a bad experience with a company selling Pimsleur products. But let me clarify this - the company you bought from is NOT Pimsleur, just some merchant that sells Pimsleur products. The Pimsleur name and method was acquired by the publisher Simon and Schuster (a large and reputable company) but sells their products through distributors like the one you bought from.

I have had partnerships with several merchants of Pimsleur products and found them to be inconsistent or unreliable at best, and simply untrustworthy at worst. Eventually I just decided to recommend to people to buy Pimsleur products from Amazon for two reasons - they are a reputable company, and their prices for Pimsleur products finally came down to reasonable levels.

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