Extremely helpful when used daily

by Jennie S.
(St. Wendel, Germany)

My boyfriend and I moved to Germany for his job and we are working our way through RS 1 German every night. We also have a language tutor once a week. The tutor is helpful and is good at explaining concepts but for getting something drilled into your head to the point where it becomes automatic, RS is excellent. To us the slow pace is sort of an advantage, because 1. the learning process is easier and you're not as likely to give up, and 2. it's kind of subliminal. All of a sudden I am starting to understand snippets of conversation, advertisements, etc. that appeared to be gobbledygook just weeks ago. We were able to order a meal in German the other night, without much effort or thought, whereas before we struggled. RS is also very good for pronunciation.

I learned Japanese as a teenage exchange student in the blind way RS teaches, by being tossed in with a family for a year. I had no one to translate anything for me, and I ended the year speaking very well. This seems to be a similar concept. I think it is worth the big bucks.

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