For the $25 I paid, Rosetta Stone is worth it

My school this year just began using Rosetta Stone in classrooms. The students in foreign language classes are required to do at least 45 minutes of Rosetta Stone per week, and any kids that are not in a foreign language class can buy all the levels of any language they want that Rosetta offers for $25 for a year. If I remember correctly, that's probably a tenth of only one level of a language if you just buy it from the store!

My dream is to visit Greece one day, so I decided I would like to do Greek with Rosetta Stone. So I paid $25 for all three levels of Greek for Rosetta Stone and $18 for some good headphones.

At first, I was so confused since they just start using the entire different alphabet and I had no clue what anything meant. But as I kept going I started to realize what was going on, what was being said, etc. and started to retain it better. Although I must say when they started using sentences, I was extremely confused. The bad thing about RS is that sometimes I have no clue as to what the hell is going on in the picture, and since it is an entirely different alphabet and they don't give you any sort of rules for it, the words can mean anything and can have so many different endings, genders, etc. etc.

So what I started doing was having Google Translate minimized so I could reference it when I wanted to make sure what a word meant or just simply for translation. It has helped a lot for grammar and just for words I've forgotten or never caught on to in the first place.

I'm now on Unit 3 of Level 1 and I still can't form (more complicated) sentences without some reference. I can also say though that I'm getting there. If you take the time to analyze the grammar of the letters during the Grammar lessons, it does begin to make sense.

I'm excited to keep going, but I do think Rosetta Stone could provide minimal English translations or grammar lessons or simple reference points to look at if you're confused. I was so happy to have to only pay $25 for all three levels. If it had cost normal price I never would have bought it and after using the program probably wouldn't if I had the chance.

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