French is Awesome

by Melissa

Most Americans have some knowledge of the French language. Whether they just know how to say hello(bonjour), or yes (oui) snippets of the French language have long been accessible. French is also known as a language of romance. The French lover whispering sweet nothings into the ear of their lover is a common stereotype.

However, the truth is French is not an easy language to learn. The accent takes much practice and the grammar is very strict and complicated. French is also a very formal language in comparison to English.

Even with all of this difficulty I do love learning French. Not only is it a language of romance, but of art and culture. Knowing how to read a menu at a restaurant or how to pronounce the name of a famous artists aides you socially. Intellectually speaking, learning a foreign language like French also helps you with your vocabulary and understanding the structure of your own language.

French is a beautiful language that is spoken worldwide and will always be my favorite language to learn. It is definitely worth the time and effort to learn French, so bonne chance!

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by: Sofian

I'm french and i love to speak English ^^

Bonne journée.

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