I've read a few reviews, particularly about Farsi Rosetta Stone, because that is something I'm interested in purchasing. I've been using German Rosetta Stone and I just want to address a few things. I don't know about the rumors of individuals not being allowed to sell their product, but it is available on E Bay. I purchased all three levels of German for $350. Pricey, yes. Insane, no. There is very little confusion with pictures, honestly. If you drop in on the middle of a lesson, maybe you'd be lost. But if you are actively paying attention the words make sense, and they are used again and again in different situations. On the cheating note, it's once again a matter of YOU. If you don't guess and actually think, two things happen. You learn the words, and the pictures make sense. Who would have imagined? And as for grammar, V3 does have a grammar section which forces you to memorize things. Also, if you are really concerned with knowing why it works that can always look it up. Even most foreign language classes don't spoon feed you information. Thinking is required. As for writing, there is both a writing and reading section. If that's not enough for you, take a week and learn the alphabet on your own. If you use the program while thinking and working at it, you can become successful. Of course this program on its own won't produce fluency, but look at the good. All of its flaws can me remedied with a good dictionary and some basic research, and it's fun.

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Good advice
by: Anonymous

I think your comment is very helpful, and you made a great description of the software. Thank you.

memorizing pictures
by: Anonymous

I must admit, it was a very good program for memorizing pictures. Shame it's not very good at teaching vital components such as grammar. For that, i had to shell out $15 for a book at Barnes & Noble.

Not impressed with Rosetta Stone.

by: Anonymous

I am also using the German version of Rosetta Stone... I find it very useful.

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