Good software, Bad company

by Keith

I have used Rosetta Stone for about a year now and have learned a lot. I recently bought a new PC with a 64 bit operating system and it will not even install on the computer. All of my other programs I have installed and run just fine. When I call their customer support they just told me that they don't support 64 bit and don't plan to. This is not a 50$ game this is a very expensive software and it angers me that now all the money I spent on their product is down the drain. It is a shame, but I would spend my money elseware. It may work now, but might not if you get a new computer.

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Don't be surprized
by: Joe Tech dude

The 64 bit version of Vista does NOT work with a HUGE amount of software. The 32 bit version of software supports everything I have heard on the market present and currnt but can take some work. The 64 bit version of vista doesn't work with software I do tech. support for through GE, nor does it work with many old software programs. High end games such as Assasin's Creed also do not work on Vista (eventually Assasin's Creed was patched to v1.02 and now works, not all software is capable of this, thankfuly it was new enough that 64 bit was taken into consideration when it was being created and some bugs had to be stamped out. Older programs normally would have to be entirely re-written to support 64 bit).

Go check it out, Vista is not a good OS. Don't blame Rosetta Stone. If anything I always say check into issues with compatability with whatever software you get and def. with any PC upgrade/buy you do. Be an informed buyer, do not just go with whatever the Best Buy salesman says, do some research online if you need to.

Hope this helps the rest of you! Sorry I was too late to inform you OP!

Won't work on your computer?
by: Anonymous

May I suggest that instead of throwing away the RS that you can no longer use, you donate it to your local library? I am not sure of the rules for software, but I know my library has many fine programs (though not this one.)

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