Grandmother learning Greek

by Paula Ashley
(Athens, Greece)

I'm a late, but better late than never language learner. I've been studying Greek for 4 years, and my 2 year old granddaughter speaks it better than I. I tried many books, teachers, etc, and the method that worked best for me is Pimsler.

I remember the phrases and situational conversations better than any I've tried to learn in other methods. I think the reason I don't speak it better after 4 years is that there has been only level 1 available in Greek.

I used it 4 years ago in the US before my daughter married a Greek. I found it so much fun and easy to use. I mostly listened every night while taking a tub bath. I especially like the immediate reinforcement of learning phrases, immediate correction of mistakes and a chance to try again. The repetition is not tedious as the learned phrases are repeated and reinforced as new material is introduced.

I'm so looking forward to level 2 which is coming out in Oct. I hope that level 3 will not be so long in coming. I live in Athens and I need Greek to survive here.

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