Happy with Pimsleur French

I have been using the Pimsleur French I audio CD product for some months now. I have completed almost all of the lessons of the program and I have found the product very convenient and easy to use.

Usually I listen to it while driving to work but I have lately begun to listen to it before going to sleep. The best thing about it is that you don’t really even realize that you are working, i.e. learning a new language.

The lessons are so well made that it is very effortless to listen to them and you really don’t even realize that you are actually learning all the time. You don’t have to understand everything or keep repeating the lessons until you get them right. All the new words and phrases are repeated in the beginning of the next lesson. You don’t feel any pressure to understand everything at first because all words and phrases are drilled several times. Eventually every new phrase will become familiar to you.

My daughter goes to a French preschool and I have used my new language skill to talk to her French teachers. I used to also study in a language class but the Pimsleur method seemed much better and more efficient that I stopped going to the language classes. I do occasionally study vocabulary and grammar using a textbook. The Pimsleur product also contains some reading exercises.

Before the Pimsleur product I used another audio product to learn French. In it you listened to individual words and repeated those. You were not allowed to finish a lesson until you had mastered all of the words. I found that method extremely dull and am very happy that I bought the Pimsleur product.

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