Horrible company, but great product

by Samantha

I love the product very much so, it helps me learn what I need. I hate the customer service, I hate the policies. I hate them so much so that just because the product is good I still would not recommend this to anyone. You can buy good product but when you have a problem with it you want to be able to continue to use the program. The license agreement only allows you to have it activated on 2 computers, well I have it activated on a crashed computer, then I had it on another crashed computer that I spent lots of money on to barely get to work long enouh to uninstall the program so I can install it on my new lap top..... well they don't tell you that you have to unactivate it before you uninstall it. So now I have to jump through hoops to prove my father bought the program and for them to relase the license so I can reactivate it on ym new computer. First of all to ask someone to show proof of a the receipt or credit card statement from over 2 years ago is ridiculous. The bank won't let my father veiw those statements online anymore, so that means he will have to jump through hoops and pay money to get print outs of a statement that far back and not only that but look through to find that exact statement that it is on so that will take countless hours to do. My father doesnt have time to do that just because he gave it to me and I am trying to use it. He bought the product, he gave it to me and now I uninstalled it without unactivating it. This program is not user friendly at all. When you uninstall something that should be it that should be all you have to do PERIOD. Not everyone especially in this economy has $300 to spend on a program to learn a language, so my dad passed it on to me. I am trying to learn spanish or latin american, it would be less time consuming, painful, and costly to just go stand on the corner of the street and listen to the hispanics speak for about a week to learn everything I need. I DO NOT recommend this to anyone unless you like dealing with difficult, jump through hoops, hard to understand customer service.

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