How long should it take to learn to speak French fluently?

I have been studying French on my own for almost two years now, but I don't have anyone with whom I can speak it. The few times I have tried to speak, I get stage fright and my mind goes blank even though I can have complete dialogues with myself in French. I watch French television, with French sub-titles, but often find the dialogue too fast. I am becoming discouraged with my lack of fluency and speed. Just how long should it take to learn to speak a second language fluently? Am I deluding myself that I can learn on my own?

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Keep trying!!
by: Anonymous

Don't panic!!! The longer you'll study the language the more it will become fluent and all flow, like any head up high. DON'T GIVE UP!!!! Maybe study abit everyday?? It can help? I studied for 7 years alone in UK, ok and I know LOTS and LOTS but obv I have forget bits and a mess... it's natural and I think for you too! Even for the French lol Héhé don't worry... you'll make it!!!!!!

Don't Give Up!
by: Anonymous

C'est bien si vous n'êtes pas courant en français! J'étude le français depuis 13 ans, et malgré que je le comprends maintenant, il y a toujours des difficultés; des mots en argot et en verlan, lesquels peuvent être difficiles même pour les Françaises natals, par exemple!

Pour devenir bilingue, il faut que vous vous plongions dans la langue, et n'hésitez pas de parler avec des françaises! À mon avis, les françaises (surtout en France) sont trés sympas avec des étranges qui essaient parler en Français, et c'est simple comme leur dites <<Éxcusez-moi, j'essaie d'apprendre le Français>>. Ne renoncez pas, avec du temps et de la patience, elle vous viens :D

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