I really like Spanish

I really like Spanish. I have been studying Spanish since the seventh grade. The highest level I completed was Intermediate College Spanish. I have a friend who is very close to completing a bachelor’s degree is Spanish.

Spanish is a very accessible language because most colleges and universities offer courses on it. This can range from a conversational class to an advanced or specialized class such as medical Spanish. Everyone has rocked out to the Spanish song La Bamba.

Spanish is a very pretty language. It sounds good when you speak it. It does not have a lot of harsh sounds. It sounds melodic to the ears and it has a good flow. It is very romantic to listen to.

Spanish is also very easy to learn. For example, I was teaching first graders the other day. They easily learned the Spanish word for hands, arms, nose, and learned their numbers in Spanish. Spanish can be taught at a very early age. Some school programs are beginning to immerse elementary school children who speak only English in Spanish classes so they will learn the second language Spanish and their academics.

I have also studied Latin, and I have to say Latin is much more difficult to learn than Spanish. It is true that Latin is a good preparation for learning other languages, law or medicine, but Spanish is so much more fun to learn. I dropped my Latin class very quickly and ran to the nearest Spanish class. Also, I studied German. That was a mistake. German was terribly difficult. And the language sounds very harsh.

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