I'm not going to buy

by Cindy

I was seriously looking into buying this product. Like most of you the commercials are very impressive. I am glad I read most of these reviews before I spent my money. Thank you everyone for your honesty....I am interested in learning Chinese, if anyone knows an easy way....I am middle aged and I don't have a great deal of time so basics are important. Thanks

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"free" isn't so free
by: trailman

After hearing about 10,000 ads for a free demo disc for Rosetta Stone, I called the 800 number to request one. What a waste of time! First, I had to give the sales rep my name, contact info, etc. Then, we suddenly morphed into the order process...how may programs did I need...how much the shipping would be...etc. Whenever I reminded the rep that I just wanted the free demo disc, he told me it would only last a few minutes and would only cover a few words. Then he launched back in to the sales pitch. Finally, in frustration, I broke in when he paused for breath and told him that I wasn't going to listen anymore and that I thought that his company's ads are deceiving. All I wanted was a free demo...not a full-blown sales pitch. Then I hung up.

I'm not going to buy either
by: Anonymous

i was impressed with the tv ads but am glad that i read these reviews. Since receiving the dvd for learning arabic (which has already frustrated me as i would like translation as well - guessing is not good enough), i have received two calls from RS asking me if i would like to go ahead with ordering it. Next time they call, i will tell them no and i will be looking at other language learning software.

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