It really works

by Alex

I have always had trouble with languages. My major required me to have 10 hours of a foreign language. In high school I took Spanish and did not do well. So I decided to take Spanish in college since I had a base for it already, although not a good one. I also used Rosetta Stone as an extra studying tool. In Spanish 101 I made the highest grade in the class on the first test. I ended up with one of the highest grades in the class at the end of the semester. In Spanish 102, I ended up with a B for the semester; the class average was around a low C. This software is extremely helpful and I will guarantee that you will learn the language as long as you work at it. There can no longer be any excuses for not knowing a second language. This software makes it easy and fun by using repetition, sound, and pictures to really stick it in your brain. I think I might try French or Italian next. I would really like to learn German but that one seems pretty hard. I think I could do it with this software though.

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