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Wanted to let someone know, that in the process of inquiring about the free demo offer of the rosetta stone for italian. I had the worst salesperson who would not take NO for an answer. Although I'm sure the deal she was offering me was great. But if I had had an opportunity to think it would not have been so bad. But several times I explained to her I would have to discuss large purchase amount with my husband, she then told me call him and I'll hold on the phone because I don't want you to miss out on this deal. I said I could call back, her reply then was, I don't know if I can guarantee this great of a deal later. So after about 5 minutes of saying NO she finally realize that she could not persuade me to give her my credit card number across the phone. Good thing I know how to handle pushy individual because she was overbearing on the phone, she must be working on commission. Believe me I know what a great product this is because my husband used it at work to learn Japanese for his clients. But I was so upset over this run away train method to get a sale that I've decided to let my husband purchase it through his company at a later date. Call your 1-800-700-0573 and tell them to stop these pressure techniques on customers before the word gets around.

Signed, a customer who HATES pushy salepersons

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