It's worth it to make an effort!

by Laurie

In preparation for a trip to France, I strove to learn a few words in French. I knew Spanish fairly well, and it helped that they were both Romance languages. I was by no means fluent, but I wanted to know words like "Yes please," "Thank you," "How much does it cost?" and things that would help me get along in day to day life.

When I got there, the little bit of effort I made paid off. Even though I couldn't carry on a conversation, the people appreciated the effort I made. I got much better service, and was treated much better than my companions, who rudely insisted that everyone speak to them in English. It was remarkable to see the little difference that knowing even a few words in their language could effect. With just a few words like "Hello" and "Thank you," I was welcomed with open arms.

It pays to make just a little effort!

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