Just a terrible company, whether you learn or not.

by Roger Taylor
(Walnut Creek, CA, USA)

I purchased Rosetta Stone Spanish ($500) and Indonesian (ONLY $250), both directly from Rosetta Stone. When I finished with the Spanish version I offered it on eBay. When it sold, my buyer received a message from Rosetta Stone that they had purchased pirated software ( not that they MAY have, but that they DID) and that he should demand his money back from the seller. I also received an e-mail in the same vein, as did eBay. This is unbelievable behavior from someone who sells a premium priced product.

I still have the Indonesian language software, but I will never spend another dime with this company.

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Me TOO! Terrible company......
by: Anonymous

I tried to sell my $395 version--loaded on a computer which broke down. It was removed from e-bay and I was told I had violated copyright law, as was e-bay. I have researched the legal aspects, and I think if we took them to court, we'd win.

They are a lousy company. We were thinking of using it in our school with children with both ESL and autism. NO. Won't ever touch the product again because of the company, not the product.

They are expensive and nasty.

standard user agreement
by: Anonymous

This is a standard user agreement with licensed software. You couldnt do this with windows or office either.

Resale of copywrited material
by: Jack

If I purchase any material whether it is a book, a song, software, or whatever, it is now mime. It now longer belongs to the seller.
I can and will do with it as I wish. If I choose to sell it once I'm finished with it, that's my prerogative. I own it.

*Editors note - yeah, except that Rosetta Stone controls the license you bought for the software, so they control how many times you can install it.

French in Action was good for me.
by: Bete Noire

I started watching "French in Action" (the Capretz Method) on PBS while drinking coffee in the morning. I only watched it because I enjoyed watching a pretty actress, Valery Allain, play the part of Mirelle. I didn't think for a minute that I would learn a thing, but too my surprise, I did.
I found that I was able to read, with some help from a dictionary, Le Figaro and some other French publications aimed at adults. There is a great deal to read and enjoy in French. I think I was solely motivated by curiosity. My method is cheap,no expensive bullshit software,just me and a few publications. This is admittedly a very primitive way to learn a language, but it is the way adults have learned foreign languages for centuries. I admit that my pronunciation is lacking,but I can always spend the money have saved on a REAL TUTOR ...

by: Ted

Its intellectual property that is only licenced to the person that bought it, therefore, you CANNOT re-sell it!
Cheap whiners.

Actually Ted...
by: Anonymous

Though that is legally true it doesn't make it right. If you bought something you own it and you can do what you please with it. That is common sense regardless of law. And you are not being "cheap" when you are dealing with at least hundreds of dollars.

by: Anonymous

I believe that my home recording of major league baseball is my property to do with what I please. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

Read your licenses before you spend your money and then you won't be so upset when you realize what you've agreed to.

don't waste your money
by: Anonymous

I can speak several languages which I learned the old fashioned way. I went through all 3 levels of Russian on Rosetta Stone and then traveled to Russia. Even though I did well on the software, I couldn't say anything to real people! These programs were just copied from one language to another without regard for the fact that a simple word to include on the first level of one language being very complicated in another (example, the Russian word for jewelry and jewelry store being included in the first few lessons). For what I wasted on Rosetta Stone ($500), I wish I'd put in on a ticket to Moscow for language school.

To the software license criers . .
by: 25hz

When you buy any kind of intellectual property, you are merely paying for the opportunity to view it, use it, listen to it or run it on a computer. Just because you are too lazy to read the licensing agreements, that in no way validates some imagined user "rights" that you make up on your own. Whether it's right or wrong, or you agree with it or not, your "opinion" is irrelevent. It's the law. if you don't like it, then you can use public software or free software, or less restrictive EULA software, and then you don't need to worry about issues like with Rosetta Stone. If you don't like somthing, vote with your money and/or vote with your feet.

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