Korean Language Rosetta Stone Review

by David
(South Korea)

I attempted to use the Rosetta Stone Hangul level 1. It seems to be a well developed program but did not work for me. I found myself often getting bored with the application and could not sit with it for very long. I also found that I would memorize pictures and associate them with the words instead of actually learning the words.

I think the program works really well for some though. I have friends that have used it with excellent results. I would still recommend this program to people even though I had limited results. I think everyone just needs to try it and see if it fits their learning needs.

While using the program I also recommend setting aside a specific time everyday to sit down and study with this software. Otherwise, in my case, I found myself not studying for a week or two at a time. I think this had a major influence on why the program sis not work for me. I will still try this program again and hope for better results as it a well developed and researched program.

Overall I give the program a thumbs up. Especially for military members as it is available free through AKO. You can not beat the value of this nor pass up the opportunity to enhance your overseas tours by learning the local languages.

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south korea
by: steve

Just ordered rosetta stone VERSION 3 (level 1-3) ......this VERSION THREE is amazing

Really, i've tried the lower version of rosetta and didn't think too much. Version three however is like a totally NEW program.

The best thing is it is VERY well structured - great speech analysis.

I've had it for about a three days and highly recommend it to everyone seriously learning korena

You cannot return it or get rid of it.
by: Anonymous

I found out the hard way that Rosetta Stone has a funny little quirk written into their license agreement.

In my case I bought it for a job I was looking into, never used it, didn't take the job. Rosetta Stone refused to allow me to return it and when I went to sell it on ebay UNUSED and UNREGISTERED they forced ebay to pull the auction.

When I contacted the company about this they say it's in their license, that they wouldn't take it back and they don't care that I'm out $500.


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