Language Learning Experiences Survey

To participate in the Language Learning Experiences Survey, just fill out one or both of the forms below. These polls are a simple way to gather information in order to help other language learners.

Initially, I had one poll on this page. This poll included questions on current language learning study and past experiences. In order to get more consistent information and to make the poll easier to use, I have divided it into two different polls below.

The first is just some basic questions on your current language learning practices. If you haven't started studying yet and would like to participate, just fill out what you can, every little bit of information helps!

The second poll is based on past experiences. If you have ever studied a language before, even just a little bit, then these questions apply to you. Please answer any questions you can.

I have some results from the previous incarnation of this poll, but when I have a better sampling, I'll combine the results and post them here.

Thanks for participating!

Language Learning Survey

Language Learning Past Experiences Survey

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"We dissect nature along lines laid down by our native language.
Language is not simply a reporting device for experience but a
defining framework for it."

- Benjamin Lee Whorf

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