Le monde du Français

by R. Lawrence
(Guelph, Ontario, Canada)

I am a university student living and studying in Canada (the English-speaking part, that is!). Growing up in Canada, I had the privilege of learning French in elementary school, beginning in grade 1. However, throughout elementary school, I had an intense dislike for French; the words were different, the sentences didn't make sense, and it just seemed impossible! I was counting down the days until I would no longer be required to take French in school...

However, a class trip to Ottawa (the capital city of Canada) in grade 8 brought me a new view of the French language. Ottawa is right on the border between Ontario (English province of Canada) and Québec (French province of Canada). With so many native French speakers surrounding me, I saw it used in real life for the first time of my life, and it seemed really cool!

With my new found attitude towards French, I decided to take it in highschool, where I discovered I excelled in French. I took it all the way through, as well as participated in a trip to France, which amplified my passion towards mastering the language.

Now, in university, I am majoring in French Studies, taking advanced French language, literature, and history classes. As well, I plan on participating in an exchange to France for one year.

Mon destin, c'est devenir bilingue. Vive le français!!

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