Learn Welsh!

If you wish to learn Welsh, you will be learning one of the truly interesting languages of the world, filled with fascinating character and unique qualities.

Welsh is spoken in Wales in the UK, and is kept alive abroad by people of Welsh ancestry in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and in the Patagonia region of Argentina. Unlike some of the other Celtic languages, Welsh is alive and in no danger due to its sizeable population of native speakers. This magical language also attracts many linguists, language enthusiasts and polyglots.

Like its cousin Celtic languages, there are few published resources to learn Welsh outside of Wales, but there are a decent number of online sources to learn from, and there are plenty of resources to use to maintain your knowledge of Welsh and begin to improve it, once you've learned a little.


BBC Learn Welsh The single best free online source to learn the Welsh language. There are extensive multimedia resources to learn Welsh - video, downloadable files, audio, courses for beginner and intermediate. Lots of links to join an active community of learners and speakers of Welsh.

Welsh Course Basic online course for beginners. Also includes a good list of resources for learners.

Gwybodiadur A Welsh Informationary. Lots of links to resources and information about learning Welsh.

Cymdeithas Madog Recommended resources by successful students of Welsh. Includes readings in Welsh with English translations. This organization is dedicated to helping North Americans learn the Welsh language. Also visit their Cymdeithas Madog Home Page

Book/Audio Combo
Teach Yourself Welsh
The longstanding Teach Yourself series has always had a wide variety of languages. Tis course has a focus on spoken Welsh and everyday topics. Lots of dialogs, vocabulary, essential grammar etc. The coursebook comes with two audio cd's and is available in most bookstores or online. It is probably the most widely available commercial product to learn Welsh.

Also, for lots of general resources, penpals, language exchanges, forums, internet radio stations and other language resources that can help you learn Welsh, go to the Language Resources page.

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