Learning Chinese Language

by Daisuke
(Delhi, Delhi, India)

Learning a foreign language is always exciting, it is more so if it happens to be Chinese, which is credited as world’s most difficult one. It is so termed because of complexity in learning and mastering the characters, which are the ‘alphabets’ of Chinese language and numbers in thousands. Chinese is studied in two forms – the Traditional Chinese and the Simplified Chinese. Traditional Chinese is more difficult than the simplified version, and is used in Taiwan and some other South Asian countries, where as the Simplified Chinese is the official language of mainland China, and is more common medium of communication for common people, print and electronic media.

Being difficult it is more fascinating and fun to learn this language. Chinese is a very versatile language, fully developed, capable of expressing complex expressions from other languages and has its own set of grammar rules. Because of phenomenal economic progress being made by China, there is increased interest world over in acquiring Chinese language skill. There are several language schools and institutes that impart teaching in Chinese language and offer various term courses ranging from an introductory-level three to six month course, to one to two year certificate, diploma and advanced diploma courses in Chinese language. For a serious learner to master this language, it is pertinent to study the language at least up to advanced level two year diploma. After that one can continue further study to upgrade language skill by enrolling in newspaper reading courses, cursive writing, and calligraphy courses to strengthen and consolidate one’s Chinese language base.

With ever increasing integration of Chinese economy with the global economy, people having skills in Chinese translation and interpretation are in good demand, and its scope would further increase as Chinese economic expands further in coming years.

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