Learning German A Breeze!

by Jemmer Pablo
(San Jose, CA)

Tell Me More Language Learning Software was a perfect software for me in learning German language. I studied German before as an elective subject at Foothill College in Los Altos California but I totally forgot it since it was more than a decade since I have been in those classes.

With Tell Me More, it was just I was back in school only everything is virtual and without the pressure of time and space as you do in a regular class at school. It has basically reminded me of the basics in German and son I was doing advance lessons so that now, I can watch a German film and understand what the movie is all about. I even watch German TV on cable and is totally happy that I can understand fully all the conversations even commercial ones.

Thanks to Tell Me More Language Learning Software, my experience was totally easy as at many times I just print lessons or export lessons in audio format and let it play in my car stereo whenever I am driving. I also review the materials I printed whenever I am drinking coffee at Starbucks during my free time. So all in all, kudos to Tell Me more!

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