Learning Spanish by your own way

by José Sanchez

Spanish is a language that is constantly gaining more and more enthusiasts around the world, it can be for business or traveling purposes, but the truth is that the people has always any reason to learn Spanish as other languages.

Most people try to learn Spanish by their own way, and truly in this times it can be very easy thanks to the technology, in essence Internet where is easy to find a lot of resources that will help them to enrich their vocabulary and grammar, but not always it could be an easy work to learn other languages as Spanish, so we decided to give some advices to the Spanish learners that wants learn by their own way.

1. Immerse yourself in the language

One of the best practices to learn any language is to get immersed in that language and if is possible also in the culture, because when you are more immersed is more easy to learn the language. Try to find resources written in Spanish such us books, news, magazines, etc. music in Spanish, read and listen them in your free time.

2. Discipline and effort

Nothing could be achieved without discipline and effort; maybe it not will be easy for many reasons but organizing times will be very beneficial or at least giving special time to study every day will be worth.

3. Practice, practice and more practice.

The practice makes the master, so as much practice better results. Writing and listening are the best way to practice, but they will be nothing without the pronunciation, you can search podcasts on the web, record your pronunciation and compare with them.

4. Find a Partner

A partner is very helpful to practice the new vocabulary, it would be better if the partner is a Spanish native speaker. Latin American people are really friendly they will be happy to talk with you.

5. Buy or download from internet a book about Spanish grammar, it will help you to learn to conjugate verbs in different tenses and for each grammatical person (yo, tú, él, ella, nosotros, ellos, ellas, ustedes).

Obviously learning any language by your way not always will be as good as you expected, but with perseverance you can get success.

In other cases maybe could be good to attend to a Spanish School and better if they school is managed by native speakers or to travel to places where the Spanish is the native language.

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