Mr. Bonner

by Gary
(Los Angeles, CA)

I can't praise the Pimsleur method highly enough.

I have always wanted to learn an Asian language. I decided on Japanese after my job placed me in a area with a large Japanese population of business owners and students. I tried several approaches using computer based language programs but I didn't have the time to spend.

Where I have lot's of time is in car commutes through horrible traffic. I am in my car up to 2 hours a day.

I started the Pimsleur Quick start to test it and loved it. Then I bought level one. In less than a year I had mastered level 1 and ordered level 2. I have had level 2 for about 6 months and have just finished unit 25.

What I really love is that all of my Japanese friends and acquaintances have been AMAZED from the very start at the excellence of my pronunciation and comprehension. Not a week goes by that they don't comment on how fast I have learned and how excellent my pronunciation is.

Today was the Coup De Gras.

I signed my son up for a Sushi making class at the California Sushi Academy in Los Angeles. The owners and teachers are Native Japanese speakers.
When I went in to pick my son up from class I was able to introduce myself and make conversation in Japanese.

The Sushi teacher immediately commented on how excellent my understanding and pronunciation was. Then, like everyone else was stunned by the fact that I learned it from CD's.

The cherry on this cake was that the teacher said aloud to the whole class how polite I was and that I was a true gentleman (because Pimsleur teaches the more polite version of the language).
He was absolutely impressed and delighted to be spoken to in such a polite manner!!

I was so excited and pleased from this experience that I had to write this review.

In about 3 weeks, I will be sending away for Level 3 Japanese.

Thank you Pimsleur method and publisher's for a really wonderful product for self-improvement.


I have bought at least 3-4 Pimsleur methods in other languages as gifts to friends and family who expressed desires to learn another language.

Russian for my Youngest son: Student of engineering at UCSD
Spanish for my older son: Calif. Sushi Academy student.
French for my Sister.
ESL for Japanese friends.


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