Mr Weston

by Mr Weston

I am from Scotland, Glasgow, but moved to London in my 20s. I have become a strong believer in keeping our national language and promoting it much more, In my opinion our true first language should be Gaelic, but nearly became exstinct because of the history between Stotland (Calidonia, Alba )and the English monarchy, then Parlaiment.

So I am very glad to see that since Scotland has a devolved Government, that Gaelic is now more prominent, and these kind of sites help immensly for those of us who are feeling detached from our roots and a language that should be taught in scottish school as our first language, which was not the case in most citys and towns in Scotland when I was growing up.

My only concern is the formatt of the way it is set up on this site to help those who want to learn, even the basics, it would be helpfull to have a more visual approach together with the voice clips, and a better detailed pronouciation from a grammar point of veiw, apart from all my opinions it is so good that you are promoting teaching all languages, the world should never lose sight of how important all languages and different dialects make us who we are, it would be a disaster to find the world being hijacked by powefull governments to have us all speaking one or two specific languages, just so it makes it easier for economic reasons, it would be like having the famous Golden M Arch's or any other big fast food company like them being the only places too eat fast food or every restaurant the same, thanks for giving the ppl back there passion for language and there Independant culture.

yours Mr Weston

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