My experience

by Nathalie Echevers

I have used this learning software, first of all I think that it is the latest in language learning. It is so nice to get home from work and sit in front of your computer and start learning another language. Tell Me More is so easy to follow, is like having a personal teacher. I thing it is a very complete method, so you can have the chance to work on you grammar, spelling, pronunciation. When I said it is very comfortable to get home after work you can decide when you can dedicate time to take your lessons, you can have a 5,10,20,30 minutes break and come back to learn some more, the software is a complete program. I believe that my English skills have improved I am now in level 6 and I feel so good about myself. I feel more confident when writing or speaking English.

It´s amazing how far we´ve come. I remember when I used to go to a language center, I remember the discomfort of driving there in peak hours, sitting in a room full with strangers, the embaressment and scared of saying something wrong in front of everybody, the teacher not having the time to dedicate time for each one of us. But with Tell Me More that is not an issue. I can be in contact with my tutor every moment I want. But what is most important is that the software have all the tools you´ll need. Bottom line, I strongly recommend this software to anyone, in fact I already have.

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