Never buy this product

by Jim Ratliff

I purchased this product with the first three levels. The product would not operate correctly. The support tech blamed it on my computer. I argued but bought more memory and added that... no better. I then bought a brand new Mac Book Pro installed the software, and it would not always open. I set the program to start automatically when the OS started. This worked fine until tonight when it "lost" it's activation key.

Support acted as if they were going to send me a new activation key... right... instead I got an email that I must send them a copy of my receipt, or else I can not use the software I bought! For $499.00 plus tax!!!! I have the receipt but no way to fax it to them from home. I will try tomorrow from work... until then the thieves have my money and I have no program.

Do yourself a favor, skip this program!

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Don't buy!!! Rosetta Stone
by: Anonymous

When your running system or you java up dates it will not work and they do not support it.... Don't buy!!!!

It worked fine for me
by: Anonymous123

I just recently recieved rosetta stone for german, lessons 1-3.

It works fine, but these bad reviews are worrying me. I only hope it will work out.

Tech Support... What a Joke
by: Madison

I purchased Spanish 1 & 2 to pass a college test. After a few months, the disks stopped working. After endless hours with tech support and "complimentary disks" sent out for $29 in shipping costs, they still did not work. Rosetta Stone concluded that my CD drive was not compatible with their software. They later retracted that statement and said that Vista was not compatable with the version I purchased. NO REFUND...NO UPGRADED DISKS...JUST OUT THE $400. It would have cost them less than $5 to send out new versions (if that was really the issue) and stand behind their product. Their reason: I purchased the product more six months ago (replacement period). Their customer support staff was rude and demeaning. I cannot say enough horrible things about my experience with this company and this crap software.

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