Never thought it could happen!

by Bob
(Ledyard, CT)

I Purchased Pimsleur's German language course and am very impressed. I had a very difficult time in High School with Spanish (I heard it was the easiest to learn) and I had little hope of being able to learn German. With "Pims", you start out speaking without reading. This method will have you speaking with little to no accent. Some reading is introduced later in the program to familiarize you with the written language. "Pims" also suggests that you repeat a lesson several times until you are 80% correct prior to moving on to the next. This is not possible in a classroom setting, and you will find yourself more confident in speaking the language as you progress through the course. Pimsleurs also concentrates on review of previous lessons to keep you fresh. I find myself very enthusiastic in the learning process and in turn, more willing to speak the German language when the opportunity arises. I have used "Google translator" to find alternative ways of saying something which also works out well. Using Google alone to learn the language would be extremely difficult since it is based on written translations and your accent would be horrible! I am almost done with German 1 and can't wait to get my addition of German 2. Another point I would like to add is; I have adult ADD and my attention span in a classroom setting is poor. With "Pims" I listen to the CD(s) on my commute to and from work (about 30 minutes each way) which is perfect for the length of the lessons. I highly recomment Pimsleurs language courses if you want to learn a language quickly. I never thought it could happen with me!

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