Nice product, i find it very helpful...

by Jeremy

I'm using the Rosetta Stone Russian 1 and find that most people's reviews about it are not that great. They tend to put it down and claim to say that you can't even have conversation after you're done...And that is basically true. You must remember that you're not going to learn the language from taking one course of a language learning software, or all three even. I believe it is a great foundation for the language. When I took German 1 in high school, I learned basically the same things that I am learning in the Russian 1 software. I passed German 1 with a 100% because of my determination to learn it. Still, after I completed my class, I could not really make good conversation at all. It was extremely basic. I guess that's my point. You can take it at your own leisure or take a class (or even better, take both). You won't have the language mastered after one course. You'll probably be on a very basic level, but guess what? Its a normal thing. You have to want to learn the language and be determined to learn it. You cannot just casually put it in and "learn it like you learned your native language". It will try to simulate that, but honestly, that will never happen, regardless of what you use. Couple this product with a class or other means of learning and you may increase your foundation with the product and increase your overall knowledge and rules of grammer and such with a class or something.

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