No Support- DO NOT BUY Rosetta Stone

by Brian Sarmiento
(San Diego, CA)

I bought 3 versions of Rosetta Stone on Ebay, Registered online, unlocked the courses and started. After a year, my computer crashed and I lost all my lessons. I called Rosetta Stone for a new Activation ID# and they said "NO Problem, ust email me your receipt and we'll get you a new one".

After I did, they deemed my Software as Counterfeit becuase I purchased from a "Non Authorized Retailer"

How do we know if a retailer is Authorized?

Under their Global License Agreement, Under "Support"- it read that they will offer Support if I registered online, which I Did, but after a BBB complaint, they updated the Agreement to say they can cancel support at any time without reason.

Support is not good. And I wasted money on this.

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About Rosetta Stone... Seriously AGREE!!!
by: Anonymous

I totally agree, the same exact senario happened to me today! So... 500 bucks down the toilet, Rosetta Stone is frauding the world with this policy! If I buy a brand new unopened item, then open it and confirm its brand new, never been activated, then they activate it no questions asked, then I register it as the above mentioned did, and loose the original activation code printed on a plastic card, well... you get the jist, your screwed by Rosetta Stone! I will like many just have to wait for the totale version to end up on Pirate Bay or like and get a crack code, really... Rosetta Stone has left us no choice but to go that route, they caused it by such a scam. Word...

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