Not an impressive way to learn ANY language...


You may be convinced to buy this program from the persuasive actors on the Rosetta Stone commercial (Michael Phelps, etc) but be VERY sure that you will benefit from this program before you decide to throw away your 200$. I bought the Rosetta Stone Korean (level 1) thinking that it was going to be an awesome way to learn since Korean is very short of learning materials and there is no Korean language classes anywhere in my area... When I got the program in it taught me some of the basic words that it starts off with like... boy, girl, apple, etc... However what makes this program useless is how vague the images get... for example it shows an airplane and a boy and you don't know whether it means "boy is under the airplane" or "airplane is over the boy". Another example is it will show a boy and a dog together and the boys arm is over the dog in a picture and it could mean "boy and dog" or "boy's dog" or maybe something else you never know and there is no translation to help you.

If you are going to buy this program I do not recommend it unless you have a dictionary or someone that knows the language already that will help you through the program. Other than that this program is USELESS.

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by: Anonymous

You really need to get into the idea that it is not meant to be a translation service. It is meant to teach you what to say when, and from that point on you can figure out what is "correct" in their language, not restricting yourself to working through English. I have used Rosetta Stone Japanese and it was honestly the ONLY effective method after spending hundreds of dollars.

Eventually, you will figure it all out. Sometimes it is not so clear, but there will be cases where it will hit you. Ah-hah moments are flowing in Rosetta Stone...use them to your advantage. Don't memorize words, just accept them.

Way to miss the point..
by: Anonymous

You are meant to work out that the boy is under the car by absorbing that picture along with the other examples. You work it out eventually as your brain makes more and more connections. That is what immersion is.

You cannot learn a language by being spoon fed, you have to engage as much of your brain as possible and learn by doing. Lots of doing/

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