Not disappointed BUT Rosetta stone has weaknesses

by Patrick
(Tampa, FL, USA)

I see good and bad things with Rosetta Stone.

The bad:
1) They do not explain the rules of the language. I could easily imagine that if Rosetta Stone would run you through a lesson. Then explain in English the pronunciation rule or the grammar rule or what ever rule that the program would be a LOT more of a self contained learning product. For the kind of money they charge it should be more self contained than it is.

2) Each lesson is scored - but no attempt at evaluation based on the scoring. For as much money as Rosetta Stone costs - the program should be more adaptive and repeat or drill problem areas. For example, I am trying to learn Russian. I keep messing up spelling (I'm bad in English too) - it would be great if the program generated extra writing excersizes so I could practice.

The good:
1) There is a lot of repetition - a must for learning.
2) I find it fun to use - so I don't dread sitting down to work on it.
3) The pictures and context are generally very clear - though I do wish that you could at time say "give me a definition" because 1 or 2 pictures is not enough to get the meaning all the time (most times it is enough). When babies learn (their marketing reference to the Rosetta method) babies get hundreds or thousands of exposures to the same word in different contexts.

Bottom line:
I am happy I paid $500 or so dollars for the 3 set course. It is still cheaper than taking a real class and I think I will learn more in $500 of Rosetta Stone than I would in $500 or lessons in an actual class. BUT I think you could accomplish the same objective with much cheaper materials with some self discipline.

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by: Harold James

They use something like this on the Duolingo site, and that’s free to boot. But I don’t think it’s much for advanced learning. Flashing pictures so you learn translated words doesn’t do much toward teaching you language syntax.

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