Not particularly pleased with product.

by Michael

I would give it three and a half out of five stars if there was a rating system. The one thing that did surprise, and delight me the most, was when my 14 year old PC crashed that the Roseta stone program was installed on, that I was able to re-install the program to my laptop with the same keycode without a single problem. One of my issues with Rosetta Stone is that it comes with no printed text, that I can take with me. It is just not feasible for me to be able to take my laptop or I pod everywhere. A text would give me a chance to see the words broken down, hopefully with Phonetic Sysmbol, Phonetic Transcription, and a brief dictionary discription that would follow the leasons in order. For the price I paid that should not have been a problem to include. The quality of the voices and or sound on both the DVD and the Audio compainion are by far the best. The leassons do seem to get boring, and yes it is easy to cheat, but we are adults here, and the only person we are cheating is ourselfs. So since I am not going to throw away $600 worth of softwear over not having a text or because it was easy to cheat, I had to add other programs. My favorite addition is Living Language it comes with a text (-:. Next I got Harper Collins Italian Dictionary (awsome), and then Berlitz it comes with a handy little travel book, but a horrable audio tape.

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