Not what it's cracked up to be

by Richard
(Berkshire, England)

I used Rosetta stone for 3 solid years and still cant hold a conversation now. I studies japanese. I have in addition used japanese DVD's and am flabbergasted at how little I can pick out. But then when you see that in the whole 1-3 level course there is little more than a couple of thousaand words, against the few tens of thousands you would really need to understand a basic level of the language thats about 1 in 10 words, after 3 years. So I am listening to a conversation saying to my self, Hmmm they says something about a car then goodbye....very disappoiting. I think that it is so high priced trading standards should insist it covers the whole language vocabulary or take them out of the market. In addition to Rosetta stone I find my self having to watch DVDs, read grammar and dictionary books, study verb tables, listen to japanese radio, but it is painstaking. I feel cheated.

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