Not worth the money, but good for beginners....

by Stephanie

Now, I borrowed my friends Rosetta Stone due to "I want to learn Spanish fast for school" The first CD from what I see is just a game of memory. If you can recognize which words go to certain pictures, or even, which picture is left for the last answer (process of elimination), You're not making as much process as you are being led to believe. The Microphone thing in the program, (if you don't have an all so touchy mic) can be very challenging in the long wrong (I had to say Yo tengo flores rojas 25 times when I was saying it right in the first place)Even if I was getting somewords wrong, I would mess around say them in an weird voice, and somehow that would get accepted. Unless I'm a cat learning Spanish that shouldn't work that way.

Basically if you want to be taught like we were in preschool or kindergarten, then this program is for you. For the Price it is definitely not worth 500 dollars, and I told my friend off for paying that much for what she could learn online free. I told a couple of my Spanish speaking friends what I was doing and learning so far and they gave me an odd look. "Why are you still on "The Cat is black" or "The flowers are red?" shouldn't you be on more challenging things?" And they are right. You could learn Spanish with this if you were willing to pay for a kindergartners vocabulary. But this Rosetta Stone program is hardly worth 50 dollars let alone 500. Think twice, look online, you'll find better programs.

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